Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lamentations on scrapbooking.....

i want to scrapbook.....i need to scrapbook.....My wonderful husband suprised me with a 50th (ugh!) Birthday cruise through the Mediterranean. While we were on the ship he asked for ONE favor in return. The words are still echoing through my brain.....scrapbook the trip......(heavy sigh). I can sew (I made my daughters presentation formal and yes, we do live in the south), I can paint (still learning, but I CAN). I can even pull together some pretty nice greeting cards, but I can't scrapbook. I know, I're going to say it's just like making a card only bigger.

Maybe it is that "bigger" garden is full of petite flowers. My favorite finds for my vintage/antique business are the "smalls", the "bigs" scare me! Now if I could just get my hips to follow the trend!

I am leaving early Friday a.m. to meet my best friend from high school. I can't wait to go spend some "girl time" with her. We were inseperable for 6 years and now we see each other once a think I have gone off subject, don't you? WELL LET ME TELL YOU WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO! We are going on a scrapbooking retreat! A retreat....purgatory I say!!

Consequently, I have gone in search of INSPIRATION.......(but i am still taking my cards making supplies just in case)

Gourgeous (SplitcoastStamper Gallery).....

OK, maybe....BUT here is what I am starting with.....oh my, still taking my cardmaking supplies!

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  1. Sounds like sooo much fun! Have a great time....and just can create a small scrapbook!(it might be a thick scrapbook , but whatever it takes for you to dive in!) I think you will love it!!! Enjoy!