Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Waste not....want not....

I really object to, paper, fabric...whatever my medium, it really bothers me to discard my leftovers. Because of this I have deep appreciation for my chickens, compost and garden helping me to solve, at least, the food portion of my waste issues. When my Mother told me some salmon we had purchased was "a little strong" my thought was...ugh, how am I going to keep from wasting this fish. First response was "the chickens are going to L-O-V-E this"! Then she (Mom) suggested soaking it in milk. As we hung up the phone I dismissed the topic thinking Yeah, that is what I will do. When I came back to the thought of cooking the fish I decided to do one better, How about cooking it in Milk? Fast forward...thawed the salmon, found the perfect recipe and the result, Salmon Chowder! As for the salmon skin...sauteed and on its way to the chicken coop!

Salmon Chowder Perfect for a Cool Fall Day
The chowder is wonderful, sweet and salty with just a little bit of spice. It's loaded with fresh corn and shallot (i used shallot instead of scallions) plus potatoes and garlic from my own garden. Organic milk, sea salt and bacon plus my wonderful Penzey's herbs and spices completed the top notch goodies that made up this soup...TIME FOR DINNER!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Einkorn Experiment aka distracting myself from the weather change.... is snowing...(i am ignoring the horrifying scream squeals of delight that are building in the back of my mind)...i am cooking.

Today, I am experimenting with Einkorn flour and made eggs noodles for my traditional Chicken Noodle Soup. The nutty sweetness of this wheat is enough reason to investigate adding to your diet, but if you need more reason read here!

The noodle recipe that I am using comes from 
(I WILL be using the rest of this recipe very soon. The resulting noodles were filled with flavor and had a yummy, silky texture. I do not have a means of cutting pasta other than by hand so they were "Maltagliati" style (which translates to "badly cut"...hehe)!

I hope you take just a minute to investigate Einkorn Flour and have a wondrous Winter fabulous Fall day!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stools just finished....

Good Morning....I have  not blogged in forever and ever.....SHAMEFUL....

This morning I finished this set of refurbed stools and just had to share.....they have been in the works for a while - again - SHAMEFUL....

They are on there way to Antiques at the Factory!!

Thanks for stopping by and come see me on my FB page for "almost" daily inspirations!!

Toni @ J'aime Vintaje

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mix it up!

an old fashioned dance or party arranged to give the attendees the opportunity to get acquainted

Mix-ed ta-ble set-ting
a new fangled style of table decor to give the "mixer" attendees something to talk about therefore becoming acquainted

laughing out loud....really...well at least a real big smile just because I love the look of mixed china (or any dishes), linen, flatware, glassware and dining chairs! The table setting is as important as the menu and only comes in second to the company you are keeping!

Here is some inspiration for your perfect Mix-er....LOL....

Sweet Peach

Once Wed


Hipster's Tea Party

Thank you for allowing me to share my inspiration with you and have a lovely day!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My cup runneth over....

I don't think that anyone envisioned the effect that the advent of the "world wide web" would have on art, creativity, design and inspiration....I don't think that it would have been possible to even imagine....blogging, etsy, pinterest, facebook and much, much more....

Wow....every day I am humbled by the imagination of those I am surrounded by...that inspire me and push me to be the best that I can be....thank you....

My cup runneth over....

Photo credit: containergardening

Photo credit: The Thriftress

Photo credit: Sparkles and Crafts

Photo credit:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old Books have Ruffles and I bet you can't own just one....

....let me start by saying I have been an absentee blogger and that is all I have to say about that.

Recently, in Elle Decor magazine I had my feathers "ruffled".  Ronda Carman, in her All of the Best blog, was quoted on the Elle's Style Sheet page as saying "books as props have a short shelf life".....well! I fell just short of writing the editor (as Elle included photos of books included as decor on at least 18 pages), vowing to never use Elle Decor for my inspirations again and giving Ronda a piece of my mind!  I have since calmed down and realized she may have literally meant "props".  You see...I really love books and on top of that ....old "ruffled" books. She went on to quote Rose Tarlow and say "An object added for effect rather than affection will always look like an affectation".....(wish I could write like that)...and as I said I do LOVE old books.  Although, I still think they may have their place as "props" I would not be able to form an objective opinion at this point.

Over time, books develop "ruffles", they become more elegant, more lovely and more loved. (I have since decided that, I also, am developing "ruffles" and not wrinkles.)  Here are some ruffled inspirations for you....

Ruffled books are always available in the booth (J'Aime Vintaje at the Harpeth Antique Mall in historic Franklin, TN) and you can find them at most yard sales, estate sales and 2nd hand stores.....with affection, of course....(wink)!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am infatuated....

with BLING.....a schoolgirl crush on color!  Not just any color and not just a "captain of the football team" color, but the whole team!  I am "in love" with metallics!  Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper, Platinum, even Stainless Steel.....they make my heart flutter!  I want to spray paint all of my vintage finds.....I want of stripe of mica in our new about a fleck of gold in the granite....I am coveting a faux copper mirror in the newly vacant spot next to the kitchen  (found one at Pier One but it was too big....bummer...gonna have to DIY)....I want gaudy glitz and gleam!

Here is what I'm sayin"....

Gourgeous from

Pretty Thanksgiving Table Setting with Vintage elements and Gold accents

Oh these! Metallic Acorns from

This is a CAKE!....created by The Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Wow....(found on Pinterest, original source unknown) 

Elegant Fall display ....from

Pull it all together for a look like this....found on the Centsational Girl Blog...
and finally.....a DIY from Centsational Girl....a great "how to" add some BLING to your decor!

Silver Leaf DIY from Centsational Girl!

Infatuated, enamored, smitten, obsessed.....a schoolgirl crush!  I am just lovin' metallics this fall!!