Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Waste not....want not....

I really object to, paper, fabric...whatever my medium, it really bothers me to discard my leftovers. Because of this I have deep appreciation for my chickens, compost and garden helping me to solve, at least, the food portion of my waste issues. When my Mother told me some salmon we had purchased was "a little strong" my thought was...ugh, how am I going to keep from wasting this fish. First response was "the chickens are going to L-O-V-E this"! Then she (Mom) suggested soaking it in milk. As we hung up the phone I dismissed the topic thinking Yeah, that is what I will do. When I came back to the thought of cooking the fish I decided to do one better, How about cooking it in Milk? Fast forward...thawed the salmon, found the perfect recipe and the result, Salmon Chowder! As for the salmon skin...sauteed and on its way to the chicken coop!

Salmon Chowder Perfect for a Cool Fall Day
The chowder is wonderful, sweet and salty with just a little bit of spice. It's loaded with fresh corn and shallot (i used shallot instead of scallions) plus potatoes and garlic from my own garden. Organic milk, sea salt and bacon plus my wonderful Penzey's herbs and spices completed the top notch goodies that made up this soup...TIME FOR DINNER!

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