Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am infatuated....

with BLING.....a schoolgirl crush on color!  Not just any color and not just a "captain of the football team" color, but the whole team!  I am "in love" with metallics!  Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper, Platinum, even Stainless Steel.....they make my heart flutter!  I want to spray paint all of my vintage finds.....I want of stripe of mica in our new about a fleck of gold in the granite....I am coveting a faux copper mirror in the newly vacant spot next to the kitchen  (found one at Pier One but it was too big....bummer...gonna have to DIY)....I want gaudy glitz and gleam!

Here is what I'm sayin"....

Gourgeous from

Pretty Thanksgiving Table Setting with Vintage elements and Gold accents

Oh these! Metallic Acorns from

This is a CAKE!....created by The Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Wow....(found on Pinterest, original source unknown) 

Elegant Fall display ....from

Pull it all together for a look like this....found on the Centsational Girl Blog...
and finally.....a DIY from Centsational Girl....a great "how to" add some BLING to your decor!

Silver Leaf DIY from Centsational Girl!

Infatuated, enamored, smitten, obsessed.....a schoolgirl crush!  I am just lovin' metallics this fall!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

One Holiday at a Time.......Pumpkin Love!

I know...I know...I have not blogged since August! I am hanging my head in shame.....

Well I'm back...and so excited to share my new found resolve!  I am going to enjoy "one holiday at a time" and I think we should make this a national movement! ;-)

This year as I was shopping, window shopping of course....wink, wink, I noticed that Christmas merchandise was out in September.  Now I understand that for DIYers, Crafters and Artists we need access to some supplies that are holiday related BUT I am talkin' about Made in China glitter and glitz displayed in September.....please!

Anyway, today we are going to celebrate pumpkins....and I hope to inspire you to create, rummage, treasure hunt and decorate for "one holiday at a time"!

My 2011 pumpkin creations made from vintage music, styrofoam type pumpkins and Collage Pauge. I finished them off with rhinestones and sheer black ribbon....I used the matte Collage Pauge but next time I will use the glossy. It is a little harder to work with but I like the results better....regardless they turned out magical. They can be found in Heart and Hands on Historic Main Street in Franklin, TN.

My 2010 pumpkin creations made using colorful cotton and batik fabrics using the NancyDeliz eBook pattern on Etsy....I really enjoyed making these and WILL make more!  Next time in velvet....I found some great vintage velvet clothes at Goodwill to repurpose for this project!! There are a couple of these left in my J'Aime Vintaje booth at Harpeth Antique Mall.

I am absolutely enamored with these and have plastered them all over my eWorld!  They are from LeFadedFleur on Etsy and I think they are SO ROMANTIC!

I included these as "Today's Inspiration" on the Nov. 7 J'Aime Vintaje Facebook page.  They were featured as one of 12 fall projects on the blog.  They are originally from Two Shades of Pink and I love the textures!!

I hope you are inspired....remember to enjoy "one holiday at a time" and have a wonderful day!