Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creative flow....

I have always been one of those people that cannot force creativity. No matter the subject....writing, work, decorating, even grocery shopping for me is dependent on something bigger than I am. I can tell within minutes if I am "in the zone".....if whatever combination of events, karma, creative juices, planetary positions (heehee) are not right then creativity is out of reach for me.
Of course this applies to junking...and it applied in a big way this weekend. My first stop was someone who was not ready to part with her treasures as indicated by her prices....the second stop I found my ONE treasure for the day and after a few more stops I felt that ever familiar closing of the creative flow......I was done!
But, my one find was a biggie! I have been wanting to find a hall tree for a while and there must have been a very temporary opening in the creative!

It needs a little structural work and will have to be painted as the varnish is too damaged in spots....that's where my mind has been....I was perusing Etsy a couple of days ago and was inspired by some of the paint colors and finishes that I found.....I have been using vintage whites and ivories for all of my refurbishing projects but now I am inspired....

Vintage Wood Window Hall Hooks from Casanovas Cabinets on Etsy

Vintage End Table by Verdigreen on Etsy

Blue Bird by Melissap6908 on Etsy

Pretty!!!!! Tell me what you think....creamy whites or something a little daring.....

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