Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's another White Wednesday....

....Happy Hump Day!  Always a day to celebrate!  It's half way to the weekend and it is WHITE WEDNESDAY!

Let's party!  Grab a beverage (coffee for me, please) you need a coaster....

Coasters from the Creating Keepsakes Blog

 the music is on.....listen...can't you hear Well then let's turn it up....

My Mannequin in J'Aime Vintaje (Harpeth Antique Mall)

Chair by J'Aime Vintaje (SOLD!)

Detail of Back Rest
 How about a little more? Let's see....some Christmas Music....

Gift Tags by J'Aime Vintaje
Icicles by HiHo Home Market...isn't Humphrey adorable?
You can't listen to music without a love song....

Floral Cones from the Creative Keepsakes Blog
Happy Wednesday....keep a song in your heart all day long!

Heart Garland from Elizabeth Wren on

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